Before I list my favourite sites to get real info from, I want to just mention that "referrals" here doesn't mean referral links. I don't get paid to refer people to these sites. People haven't contacted me and asked me to link to their sites.

I've chosen these sites because I read them. I find them honest, down-to-earth and real. And because I think they provide some of the best information out there, I want to share them with others.

That's it. No funky redirects or weird pages in between. Just a link to a site I really believe in.


On The Regimen - Written by one Michael Vacanti. A young fellow whose outlook on life and training is amazingly refreshing. It's honest. It's based on his own life, and his own experiences. He's funny, he's caring, he talks to people (not at them) and the world could use a lot more trainers like him.

Live Strong - although I'm not a fan of their diet section, their weight training, workout plans and tracking options are pretty helpful.

Food & Nutrition

Healthy Intuitions - Laurel provides food, recipes, nutritional information, even beauty and health products all handmade from her own experiences with health, healing and trying to find what works. Her recipes are good, simple, easy to follow and worthy of a try. I've used a few of her recipes and suggestions and so far, haven't been disappointed.

iBreathe, I'm Hungry - a site focussing on marvelous home cooked recipes for those who simply must do without gluten. Not everyone needs to avoid it, but for those who must, this site should help you build your recipe files. Written by Mellissa Sevigny, are low carb recipes, gluten free recipes, menu plans,  and forums.


Yes, there are several more I mean to include. I just have to dig them out of my hundreds of bookmarked links. Keep checking back.