Who I Am

A senior (nudging 60 at the time of the blog's creation) who has spent a lifetime of gaining, losing, gaining and losing weight, and fat. I'm a wife, a mother, a grandmother. I'm a woman, and sometimes still a child. I'm a photographer, and artist. I can be funny, sarcastic, snarky and downright annoying.

Mostly, I'm just me. Gracey.

Who I'm not is an expert at health foods; I'm not a trainer; I'm not a dietician, not a body builder. So what I'm not going to do is tell you how to eat (that's up to you to decide); I'm not going to tell you how to train, or how to exercise, or any of that sort of thing. I'll be leaving that up to the experts (see the referral section for some sites I trust to provide good information - real and honest information).

So ... What's the Point?

I suppose the point is that I hope to share my experiences with (bad) fad diets (there isn't any such thing as a "good" fad diet), and share what works for me, and what is probably most likely to work for many people with an average life.

There will be things that make you laugh, some that make you groan, and some that might make you mad. But that's okay. It's about real life, and the things we do to ourselves (not always good things) in the name of beauty and body.

So no, it's not just about women and weight loss, it's about everyone who ever tried a "lose weight fast" diet. It's about everyone who tries and fails, and about some who try, and succeed. It's about anyone thinking about trying a fad diet.

It's probably for you. And it's definitely for me.